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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 30, 2023

Today we remind you that while petty politics is at play 24/7, China is making financial moves around the world that will have devastating effects on the US and our economy. Brazil just announced they will now use their own currency and vice versa when trading with China. They are no longer going to use the US Dollar as the intermediary. Brazil is not just South America’s largest economy, they are the largest in all of Latin America.

Additionally, French and Chinese energy companies have also just agreed to a first ever cross-border settlement of LNG trade using the Yuan. The undisclosed amount of the deal represents a trade of between 3.2 and 3.4 billion British thermal units in energy trade using China’s currency for the transaction.

We are watching China make it’s economic moves, while the United States continues to fall apart at the hands of delusional and confused Administration. Yes, there are news items we need to discuss, and should, but not at the expense of ignoring what our enemy is doing to destroy our economy and our financial standing in the world market.

Why did the FBI decide to swoop in and confiscate the manifesto of the Nashville, TN school shooter? What’s in it that they are trying to shield from the public? If there is a declaration of harmful intent from the trans community to another, shouldn’t we know about it? Or does that ruin the current narrative being championed by woke, virtue-signaling Leftists?

Still don’t believe our Executive Branch has been weaponized to be used as a cudgel against the opposition? How about the IRS sending an agent to Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi’s home on the very day he was set to testify about the weaponization of government?

The World Health Organization finally caught up to where we have been for over two years, announcing infants through teenagers did not need to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Well, welcome to the party. But, at the same time, 23 Democrats vote NAY on canceling the Covid emergency. They don’t want to give up the power and authority it has given them over others.

We end with two more uplifting stories. First, thanks to exculpatory footage released of the events of January 6, 2021, Jacob Chansley, known as the QAnon Shaman has been released from his isolation cell to a halfway house. He should get his full release by the end of May. And, a 100% male power lifter made a mockery of Canada’s self-identification law and smashed a new bench press record for females. A bearded man, dressed as a man, simply said he was a woman and was allowed to compete without further question. Will this be the start of getting more women to speak out about how they are being systematically erased? If not, what will it take to bring an end to the lunacy?

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