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The Alan Sanders Show

Nov 30, 2022

In today's show, I hit four back-to-back topics: the fraud that is the J6 Committee, reporters who hate freedom of speech, the Biden Administration knows a Ukraine audit is coming and they are scrambling to track $20B of it, and Iranians cheer USA's World Cup win. It's a lot to cover, but it all comes full circle.

First, staffers behind the scenes of the January 6th Committee are letting it be known they are unhappy at how the final report is going to be scrubbed. Reams of information were produced, but unless the documents are about making Donald Trump look bad, they will not be included. So much for transparency, through and through, right? Of course, you all knew this if you've been listening to me discuss this reality made-for-TV show throughout the year.

Second, it is becoming harder to argue that reporters in this country love freedom of speech. In fact, it's quite the opposite. On a near daily basis, we have example after example of how the press hates allowing other Americans to express their onw thoughts and words in public. As the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, the Legacy/mainstream media seems intent on ridding our country of the First Amendment, throwing out the over-used "misinformation/disinformation" card so much, it's become meaningless.

Third, with full knowledge of the Republican takeover in the House, the Biden Administration is scrambling to track $20B in Ukraine military aid. They have also admitted they have only inspected 10% of the weapons that have been going to Ukraine since February of this year.

Finally, we have to make a distinction between the people of Iran and the leadership. Democrats secretly yearn for the same abilities the mullahs already have over their people. The authoritarian dictatorship controls what the people are allowed to say, think and how they are expected to act. In the last few months, the repressed people have been protesting their overlords. The people are so tired of being repressed they actually cheered yesterday when the US men's soccer team defeated Iran. Rather than chants for "death to America," it was, "death to the dictator."

Keep in mind where the people of Iran are today and how the Democrat party seems intent on doing the same thing here. Oh, at first they disguise it with free money or programs, but let's be clear – power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. No matter their intentions, the party pushing for Authoritarianism is about freedom for the people. It is a road that always leads to oppression and tyranny.

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