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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 16, 2019

Our third Saturday of each month we host a segment called Physician's Third Saturday. We invite Tim Ryan, M.D. of The Physician's Practice to join in health related discussions. Today's episode begins with a discussion of "good" bacteria v. "bad" bacteria in your intestinal tract. We dive into a discussion of probiotics...

Jun 9, 2019

We use the recent findings of the Pew Research Center to drive a discussion over the problems associated with fake news. More Americans are bothered by problems associated with fake news than terrorism, immigration, climate change or racism. This rolls into a reminder that the New York Times is barring its reporters...

Jun 2, 2019

In this month's interview, we chat with personal trainer, Susan Delmonico of SJD Health and Fitness, about some of our favorite foods and what health benefits they possess. From apples to red wine to the Paleo diet, we cover a lot of ground related to foods we should all be adding to our diet.

Why get a trainer?

It has...