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The Alan Sanders Show

Jul 18, 2021

This episode is from the second hour of The Erick Erickson Show, heard nationally on Thursday, July 15, where I discuss the ironies of having an open door policy at our southern border, but escaping Cubans are not wanted. Why is that? Could it be this regime understands those who escape communist dictatorships tend to vote Republican? We saw images of Cubans in the streets, waving American flags and demanding freedom. DHS Secretary Mayorkas does not want any refugees from Cuba coming to the United States of America.

As to the US/Mexico border, it's open season! Illegal border crossers do not even need to show proof of vaccinations, specifically for Covid-19, before the Air Force is secretly flying them to points all around the country. Why is this administration okay with that? Because a study from researchers at Yale concludes we likely have more than 22 million illegals here in the US. The Democrats want to make them all citizens, knowing full-well, they vote overwhelmingly for the Left. So, we turn away people who tend to vote on the right, but it's open borders for those who vote on the left. We need to pay attention to how the Democrat party is trying to create a voting block that may never be overcome.

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