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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 24, 2023

Happy Friday! Today we open with Mayor Pete’s Press Secretary complaining that new media press members were too aggressive. That’s code for asking tough questions they don’t want to answer. It’s amazing how pathetic he is in the position. But, in all honesty, he is not the only one. The entire Biden regime is filled with pathetic and incompetent people.

To help illustrate why this White House is so filled with terrible and unqualified people, we simply turn to Karine Jean-Pierre. With all that’s going on in the country and in the world, she made a point to say how diverse the Biden White House is. That’s all they care about. Demographic labels. They are not interested in hiring the best people for the job. They just want a woke talking point to parade in front of their fellow woke pearl-clutchers and it’s why this country is failing in every area they touch.

Speaking of demographic hires not even remotely qualified for office, Kamala Harris wants you to know you are paying less for natural gas and electricity thanks to her and Joe Biden. Did you know that? According to VP Harris, your energy bills are down, now, thanks to them. I’m not sure where that’s happening, but it’s not where I live and not for anyone I know.

Next, I wanted to get to a sound bite from Edward Dowd. He is looking at the effects of the Covid vaccinations from the perspective of life insurance actuarial tables. His research is shocking. The group who traditionally doesn’t die, being healthy and young, is dying at a faster rate than the unhealthy. That’s not happened before. His only thought is, the unhealthy didn’t work for companies who mandated the vaxx, whereas the healthy were likely compelled.

Finally, I bring a you piece by Victor Davis Hanson. The piece was actually written in early January, but I just ran across it. Even though it was written almost two months ago, it applies even more today. The piece is called, “The Coup we Never Knew." There has been so much incompetence taking place in our Federal government in the last few years, it is almost too much to comprehend. Hanson puts together an essay that makes us all see just how far we have move away from our Constitutional republic.

I do close with a reminder we need to be much more involved. From contacting our representatives, to attending town halls, council meetings and school board meeting and engaging the opposition, we need to be much more involved.

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