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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 22, 2022

In today’s episode, I have to open with more revelations from the head of the Texas State Police, Steven C. McCraw. One of the teachers who died was still alive after being shot. She called her husband to tell him that very thing and when he tried to advance, he was stopped by other officers, his weapon confiscated, and escorted from the scene. She was still alive, as were many children, and they chose to stand-down. Additionally, it seems no one ever checked the door to see if it was locked and based on video, it seems it never was. There was no reason not to enter the room and neutralize the shooter and begin immediate triage to “prevent further loss of life.”

We then talk more about the staffers Stephen Colbert sent into the Capitol, to basically, trespass, disrupt Congress and deface Federal property. But, in a two-tiered system, because they are Democrats and are only following the orders of a righteous and virtuous liberal, their crimes are not really anything worth pursuing. Now, those exact same charges have kept other Americans imprisoned for over a year, but we know the difference, right? They are deplorable. They are rubes. They are lower beings who have nothing but anger and viciousness in their heart. So, they must be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.

Onto the cost of gasoline at the pump. President Joe Biden has decided to ask Congress to implement a 90 day moratorium on the collection of federal gas tax, which amounts to about $.18/gallon. CNN’s John Harwood had to admit it was basically a gimmick, putting a bandage over the sore, without really treating it. Even President Barack Obama, in 2008, when running for office, said a gas tax holiday was a gimmick, saying it was not really tackling the problems the need to be tackled. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a bad slip of the tongue when trying to address the price at the pump, saying the President was doing all he could to “elevate” the price. Oops!

The Chevron CEO put out a public statement, very similar to the one ExxonMobil did last weeks, saying the Administration needed to have more consistency in it’s policies for drilling, leasing and the infrastructure necessary to get the oil to the refineries. What did the President say to that? He made a smarmy quip, saying he didn’t know they’d get their feelings hurt that quickly.

Finally, I close with an insightful poll conducted by Rassmussen. They wanted to determine what the top issues are in this country as we head to the midterms. The interesting twist to this poll was they divided it into two distinct groups: voters vs. Legacy media. They wanted to see if journalists have their fingers on the pulse of the people. Not surprising, they could not be more off base if they lived on the moon. Not a single issue voters feel are the top issues are reflected in what the Legacy media thinks is important.

In order, voters list rising gasoline prices, inflation, the economy, violent crime, election integrity, school issues, election cheating and illegal immigration as the top most concerning issues we face. However, according to the press, their top issues, in order, are climate change, abortion rights, Capitol riot investigation, Covid-19, LGBTQ+ issues and Ukraine.

This is why I constantly remind you not to trust the mainstream media and why I call them nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democrat party. That one poll speaks volumes! So, turn off the news and just tune into me daily to get the news you need without any allegiance to the Leftist agenda of wanting to fundamentally transforming our nation.

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