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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 27, 2023

Today we continue the discussion of what China is doing on the world stage that has gone largely overlooked by our own Legacy/mainstream media. There is serious concern, suddenly, about countries being encourage to decouple from the US dollar and implement China’s Yuan. With our supposed ally, Saudi Arabia, being courted by China to stop using the US dollar. If that were to happen, and if other countries followed suit, the dollar would become even less valuable that today, which means inflation like we have likely never seen in our history.

Monica Crowley weighed in on this earlier today, talking how we are in the midst of a perfect storm for the destruction of the dollar. A weak Joe Biden presidency, combined with an administration waging war on energy independence and watching or Treasury implement horrible monetary policy, is setting us on a path of major collapse on the global stage and the loss of economic dominance for the United States.

As if in on cue, enter the President of Kenya, William Ruto, recommended his citizens who hold US dollars to get rid of them. He hinted that their market will change within a few weeks. Is there more going on with other countries on the African continent than just South Africa? Is China behind this, too?

The threat of losing control of the dollar and the problems with our own monetary policy is bad enough that White House insiders are quietly suggesting, again, to have Janet Yellen replaced. How bad is it when this Leftist, Marxist, Authoritarian wanna-be regime realizes how badly she is bungling the banking crisis? It’s amazing to witness.

On top of that, I cannot believe lawmakers were arguing over the need for a Parents Bill of Rights. I just assumed that was one thing on which all of us, regardless of politics, would agree. Guess not. Turns out, not a single Democrat voted for the Parents Bill of Rights. They truly believe the State owns your child and parents are to shut up, go to work, pay taxes and let the government raise your kids.

This leads me to wonder how today’s Democrats would react if any of our Constitutional Rights were introduced today for the first time. Imagine introducing the right to bear arms. Or the right to speak freely. Or to be free from illegal searches and seizures. Imagine trying to introduce an Amendment that says if it’s not written in the Constitution, then it does not exist within the Federal government. Shouldn’t that be the litmus test for anyone who we elect to represent us?

The conspiracy theory label is getting shorter as it turns out there is a push to ban gas stoves. And, did you know, according to CNN, if you are white and respond to someone online with a black .gif, you may be guilty of committing the act of digital blackface. At some point, I long for when people stop wasting so much energy finding any reason to be offended and start looking at the real problems we are facing as a nation. Wouldn’t that be a nice change of pace?

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