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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 20, 2021

In this episode, I was able to sit down with Stacey Lennox who has been writing for PJ Media since April of 2020. Prior to that, she was a writer for The Resurgent. As a new media news investigator, Stacey works incessantly at cutting through the mainstream media clutter and disinformation. She always strives for details and provides links so the reader can follow their own inquiries. 

We discuss the now obvious propaganda perpetrated by top public health officials, scientists and the mainstream media to lock down information and spin disinformation. After a year of this, we are finally getting to the truth. Or, at the very least, the state is losing it's ability to maintain the narrative. 

By the end, we discuss how listeners can follow Stacey Lennox online and how to read her articles at PJ Media. The most important takeaway from this interview should be to stop listening to the mainstream media as a sole source of information. It takes multiple sources and a lot of reading to get to the truth.

Or at least, a reasonable facsimile of it. 

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