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The Alan Sanders Show

Aug 26, 2022

Before I get into the main topic, I do open with a reminder of what I said exactly one week ago about the request to release the affidavit, which granted to general search and seizure warrant for the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago. I said if it were to get released at all, it will be so redacted, it will be all but useless in shedding light on the raid. Well, that has proven true today.

What I then spend the vast majority of the show discussing is the admission by Facebook that they went along with the FBI’s request to censor free speech and interfere with the 2020 election. No matter how they try to tap dance, get creative with use of language, spin or outright lie, the conclusion is inescapable. The FBI interfered with the 2020 election by not investigating the Hunter Biden laptop, which they had since December of 2019. And, not only did agents get standing orders from “on-high” to not investigate the laptop, Mark Zuckerberg admitted to Joe Rogan that the FBI came to Facebook to give them a heads-up about the upcoming “dump.”

And, as dutiful Leftists, they did as was told and infringed on the First Amendment of the Constitution, affecting both the freedom of the press and the right of citizens to free speech. This goes back to what I opened season 4 with, proclaiming social media is the digital town square of the 21st Century and needs to be protected. Instead, Leftist elements within our government have found a backdoor means of getting around the First Amendment with their willing collaborators in Big Tech.

This should be the breaking news item on every outlet. We have factions within our government who want to keep power and keep it in the hands of those they align with politically and are flouting the very documents they swore and oath to uphold and defend. This isn’t conjecture. This isn’t conspiracy. This is fact and we need to all wake up and make sure we do something about it in November. We cannot allow this to continue in our nation. We need to make sure the candidates we elect are as Constitutional as our Founding Fathers expected, and it is our job to stay on top of them and make sure they are holding true to the promises they made to secure our vote.

I do shift to more of yesterday’s ridiculous presser with Karine Jean-Pierre. Jacqui Heinrich, a White House correspondent with Fox News flummoxed the word-salad regurgitator over and over with what should be basic questions. But, when the entire Administration is staffed with over-education stupid people, don’t be surprised when all you get are stupid ideas, stupid execution and stupid answers. And, trying to equate PPP loan forgiveness with Joe Biden’s student debt forgiveness is just another example of just how stupid they are – or how stupid they think the American people are to fall for it.

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