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The Alan Sanders Show

Sep 21, 2019

I got the chance to fill-in for the vacation BK today. His show, BK on the Air, is described retro nostalgic geekiness, with lots of fun and maybe even a nugget or two of information. Today, my podcast co-host, Walt Murray, joins me to chat about movies and TV shows and comic book characters as well as news of the weird the strange and odd and the bizarre. We were joined on the phone by the host of The Golden Rage of TV, Pat McCormack, to talk about his own brand of retro broadcasting. BK actually called into the show as well, pretending to be a caller looking for a free prize! 

We also had the Channel Star Wars report, the Walking Dead Report and had fun discussing a stupid question from a reporter that made Joaquin Phoenix walk away from an interview. Plus, today is International Batman Day! It's packed into one big episode of fun heard every Saturday on WBHF, AM1450, FM100.3 and online using the TuneIn Radio app.