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The Alan Sanders Show

Aug 24, 2021

In this exerpt, which originally aired on Saturday, August 21, I breakdown my thoughts on Biden's Afghanistan debacle. This disaster sits squarely on the President's shoulders. He was not following the plan negotiated by former President Donald J. Trump. He was not listening to his military commanders nor the memos sent to his own Secretary of State. He wanted to appease the woke factions of the Democrat party and hold a campaign promise, without regard on how to make it a success. In his mind, simply cutting off military support and pulling the plug was a cool idea. Now, the leaders of the Western world are nearly in unison in their criticism and, in many cases, their condemnation of the actions of the United States. The world is now a much darker and more dangerous place, thanks to the ineptness perpetrated by the Biden administration.

I did have one side discussion about being a fill-in for Erick Erickson and how he seems to be one of the front-runners in the race to fill the 12PM to 3PM ET spot left with the passing of Rush Limbaugh. It is quite a privledge for me to be sitting in the fill-in host role.

As the episode wraps up, I am joined via the phone by US Congressman Barry Loudermilk. He, too, is disgusted at the utter disaster created by one poor decision after another with regard to Afghanistan. The loss of faith of our allies, the emboldening of the Taliban and the encouragement our enemies feel is the result of a desire to replace a mean tweeting President with a doddering Sock Puppet-in-Chief instead.

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