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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 7, 2023

Today’s show opens with a reminder of the three goals of the J6 Reality Show TV Show. Next, we introduce a newly created game show, a spin-off from the J6 Committee, called, “The Democrat Squares.” All of this sets the stage for the video footage revealed for the first time on Tucker Carlson’s show last night.

First, the footage showed the New York Times story (which was later retracted) about Capitol officer Brian Sicknick being killed by a protester, was a complete lie. The Democrats, along with their willing accomplices in the Legacy/mainstream media were willing to use someone’s death, though completely unrelated to the J6 event, for political expediency. Never let a tragedy, or a crisis, go to waste. Unfortunately for Democrats, footage shows a very alive and spry Brian Sicknick walking in the Capitol hours after his supposed untimely demise.

The J6 Reality TV Show went great lengths to paint Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO)exit, being painted as a coward. They edited footage and looped it, evoking much laughter from the audience. The full footage, not cherry-picked for laughter and to mock a political opponent, shows dozens of senators being told to evacuate the well of the Senate, with Hawley being one of the last people to leave. Democrats tried to paint him as a loan coward who had stirred up the crowd and was not fleeing by himself.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) now wants to see all of the videos released so the ingenuity of the American public can be brought to bear. He says he even learned more about the day, and he was there when it happened. He also pointed to the same Rasmussen Polls we have mentioned before that a vast majority of both Republicans and Democrats want the videos released to everyone. The polls also state members of both parties believe the Feds were involved in the events of January 6. Massie closes with comments about Ray Epps, which leads beautifully to the next point.

According to the timeline afforded by the J6 videos, Ray Epps lied to the J6 Committee. While Epps, in sworn testimony, said he had texted his nephew and had left the grounds of the Capitol, he was seen on video at least 30 minutes later, still on the Capitol’s grounds. Could Epps still be patient zero when one looks at how an energized and emotional protest can morph into a rioting mob? If that concept has never been explained, I also take a moment to explain how a riot can be provoked by getting enough ne’er do wells in the crowed.

Finally, we close off with a new installment of Deep Thoughts with VP Kamala Harris. In this one, we hear her recount a story, supposedly from her youth, demeaning the term “conservative.” She cackles through it, like the vapid, empty-headed woman she is. Or, as President Biden sees it, the greatest insurance policy he could have put in place to keep the 25th Amendment from being invoked or from impeach proceedings being brought to bear.

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