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The Alan Sanders Show

Jul 7, 2022

In today’s show, I continue to look at how the Biden Administration willfully sent part of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China. Why would we allow that to happen? What is it about China and this President where he seems beholden to them?

We know there are over 150 financial transactions from Hunter Biden’s business dealings, which have been flagged on Suspicious Activity Reports. CBS’s Catherine Herridge reports that the Treasury is stonewalling an investigation into this very matter. It seems Biden and his Crime Family are doing all they can to avoid having their activities investigated.

Now, let’s play connect the dots and remind you Hunter flew with his dad on Air Force Two on a trip to China. On that trip, Joe met with some of Hunter’s contacts in the energy sector. Within weeks, a deal was signed and we know from emails that 10% of that deal was meant for the “Big Guy.” Isn’t it now reasonable to ask what China may have on the Biden Crime Family that may have helped steer some of our strategic reserves to be sent to them?

And while this White House and administration continues to convince themselves they have the right policies, fellow Democrats are finally voicing their outrage over them. Fellow Leftists are now openly saying Joe Biden has no plan and there in no hope.

A review of personnel turnover records now shows the Biden administration lost 15% of its people in the first year. By way of comparison, the Obama presidency lost 4% in it’s first year and Trump only lost 1%. People in the party, on the Left and even in the White House are fed up with the aimless rudder and feckless policies.

In the meantime, the NYTimes writes a hit-piece on newly elected Mayra Flores entitled, “The Rise of the Far-Right Latina.” It’s astounding to see such a lack of self-awareness. According to the Times, a woman who ran on the bases of family, hard work and patriotic values is the measuring stick for what makes you on the radical fringe. To them, it’s outlandish to elect someone with such radical views as revering family, hard work and patriotism. By the way, this same NYTimes praised the election of AOC, who ran as a socialist. To the NYTImes, socialism isn’t far-left, but being a patriotic American, well, that’s just too extreme for their comfort.

State Attorney General Eric Rinehart from Illinois, praised his own states red-flag laws and gun laws and suggests they need to be implemented nationwide. Those same laws did not stop the shooter from killing 7 on Independence Day, but he swears they work nonetheless.

And finally, Biden’s DOJ is suing the state of Arizona over their election integrity law. You see, in Arizona, you have to show ID, be an American citizen and still be alive to have your vote count and this White House cannot allow that. Thankfully, Governor Doug Ducey says, “Bring it on, we’ll see you in court!”

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