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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 2, 2023

Today we have no choice but to open with Randi Weingarten having a mental health episode on the steps of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Keep in mind, she is the president of the Nation Teachers Union. She intentionally conflates the loans given during the government mandated lockdowns, versus someone who chooses to take out a loan for their own use.

We continue to let the silly people with silly thinking, drive the agenda. We need to stop allowing them to have such power. You would think, people in the world of academia would be embarrassed at the number of people who have gotten their education, while not knowing anything at all. We do not teach critical thinking and problem solving. We do not teach the application of logic and reason. We have emotionally stunted children in adult bodies driving policy and setting curriculum that is only going to dumb down the next generation even more.

The next topic is a focus on how Lori Lightfoot wants to convince us that Chicago, almost overnight, went from bastion of liberal progressivism to a right-wing basket of white supremacists. She literally said the reason she lost is due to racism and sexism. In Chicago! Rather than accept she was a bad leader with poor policies, it's easier to play the race card and accept no personal responsibility. It's lazy and it's intellectually dishonest.

This leads me to tell an anecdote from a classroom experiment. The experiment demonstrates what happens to us when subjected to the command of an authority figure with the Bystander Effect. For those who may not know, the Bystander Effect, is a phenomenon where the more people who are watching something, the less likely you feel compelled to get involved. You remain a bystander, with the thought that someone else will surely do something so you don't have to.

In this story, a teacher places the kids in a circle, tells them they cannot talk or get out of their seats or they will fail. He then takes a goldfish out of its tank, which is in the middle of the circle, and leave it out in the air to die, leaving the room and closing the door. It's chilling to note how no one will move. Everyone can see the fish is suffering and dying, but, with so many others, you think you can stay quiet, obeying the authority figure, while leaving the problem for someone else to solve.

Finally, someone does defy the order and does the right thing and this is when the teacher returns. This is when you learn how easy it is to comply, even when you know it's not wrong. It's easier to defer to others to challenge authority and do the right thing. And, isn't that why so much is wrong in our country today? We are allowing people with an abundance of magical thinking, to tell us to sit down, shut up and let the goldfish die. Perhaps it's time we stop accepting the premise of so many ridiculous notions and begin to push back against the over zealous minority of unhinged and mentally unwell people.

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