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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 10, 2023

Today's show opens with some of the questions and testimony raised during day one of the House Judiciary Committee investigation into The Twitter Files. Two of the first New Media investigative journalists who began to report on the censorship and banning of Americans were Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger. Democrats on the panel, resorted to doing what they usually do when they cannot win in the marketplace of ideas – they mocked them, derided them, accused them of being on Elon Musk's payroll, didn't consider them "real" journalists and even tried to get them to reveal their sources. In other words, conducting themselves in a vile and despicable manner.

Ranking member Representative Stacey Plaskett (D-NY) opened with disgusting and degrading comments, while Representee Sylvia Garcia (D-TX) could not have been more vapid and intellectually disabled. Yet, their petulant behavior and idiotic attacks failed to do anything more than to steal the resolve of the two journalists. By the way, both Taibbi and Shellenber would not call themselves Republicans by any stretch. Yet, because they would dare to expose how deep and infested the Censorship-Industrial Complex is, they have to be destroyed. The same goes for Elon Musk and anyone else who gets in the way of State approved narratives.

Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) made some good points about the Great Barrington Declaration. She reminded the audience of the email from Dr. Collins, then head of NIH, to Dr. Fauci to take down the "fringe" rantings of the scientists behind the Declaration. As Shellenberger admits, not only were they right, but also, even they weren't, Freedom of Speech demands you consider more options, not less and hear from more scientists not less.

Representative Dan Bishop (R-NC) reminded the panel that Richard Stengel, from the State Department, founded the Global Engagement Center and he believed not only in state sponsored propaganda, but also it should be used against your own people. Bishop then added the same sentiment I have been demanding for months – getting to the root and the funding of this Censorship-Industrial Complex and eliminate it as fast as possible.

Note the pattern of what we are seeing here and in so many of the big news items of the day over the last several years. There is an orchestrated effort among a fusion of the public and private sector, along with academia and the Legacy/mainstream media, to shape the state narrative and make sure they are all in lock-step to promote it, while crushing any opposing possibilities or truth. The very model behind the Censorship-Industrial Complex is why these stories all follow the same pattern. The Steele Dossier, Russian-Collusion hoax, origins of Covid, effectiveness of masks, ignoring natural immunity, the Hunter Biden laptop, the Biden Crime Family, the events of January 6 and more. All of them share a focused Psychological Operation in conjunction with organized censorship and media dismissal of anything that could damage the State narrative. It's why they got so mad at Tucker Carlson. It's why they try so hard to silence the truth.

If reporters did their jobs, we wouldn't be here. But, because they are part of that Complex, it falls on the New Media to expose them, and it takes a long time to chip away at all of those entities. Which is why I remind all of you again to reach out to your representatives. We need to put an end to this immediately. I am being negative. I have an optimistic view that as more of us are made aware and catch up to what the Left has been doing, the better chance we have of fixing it and returning the First Amendment to it's rightful standing.

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