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The Alan Sanders Show

May 9, 2023

Today we show how the Legacy/mainstream media is desperate for the “right” kind of mass-shooting story to support their narrative desires. We honestly still have no idea what is truth and what isn’t and that’s a testament to just how bad journalistic standards have fallen. They just make it up as they go along and they don’t even apologize for it.

Which reminds me about how I and others in New Media warned about the government wanting to ban natural gas in homes, starting with your stove. It was laughed off in the media and online as more right-wing conspiracy nonsense. Even I had folks rolling their eyes at me. To remind you, I bring you a montage of the snark and sarcasm from Legacy/mainstream media just a few months ago. But, I then play a handful of sound bites illustrating the banning of gas stoves and all natural gas in New York State. That’s why you need to turn off the traditional news and listen to more independent voices and outlets.

It’s getting so bad for Joe Biden, he can’t even make it through a friendly interview on MSNBC without a handler jumping in to try to rescue him. And when Joe overrules the help, he ends up bungling the answer. It’s obvious how compromised he is and how incompetent at the same time. Is it just an odd coincidence, that as the heat is turning up on Hunter and on the entire Biden Crime Family, that we have four more polls out that show how poorly Joe Biden is doing in office? Why would they be rushing to tell the Biden how badly they are doing if they want him re-elected? It feels like his usefulness is running out and the un-elected ruling class is getting ready to cut their losses.

Finally, White House Press Secretary actually said something intelligent and factually correct – when you incur a bill, you should pay it. If you have a car loan, you are expected to make your monthly payment. Same for your home. I agree! Being the paragon of intellect that she is, I wonder, while she was making a point of wanting a blank check for the debt ceiling, if she realizes she has undermined every policy Biden has wanted for bailing everyone out? For me, this means no more talk of bailouts for student loans, banks or industry. People need to start getting out of their own problems and we need to stop empowering the government to become everyone’s Big Daddy.

Once we start to wake people up to the fact the ruling class demands unwavering fealty to them, the bureaucrats will begin to lose their power. That’s what scares them the most. A self-reliant and critical thinking populace is the antidote for the rising oligarchy taking root in Washington, D.C. Hopefully, there is time to wake more people up to this reality before it call comes crashing down.

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