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The Alan Sanders Show

Jul 22, 2022

Today’s show opens with Justice Elena Kagan beclowing herself by saying the Supreme Court needs to take “public sentiment” into account or risk losing their legitimacy. It’s stunning to hear this from a member of the SCOTUS. She is literally saying the court needs to rule on cases base on the court of public opinion. Now, I’m not a Justice myself, by I would think the job of being on the Court is to interpret the law and the Constitution as written, not look to win popularity contests.

Jonathan Turley comments that many of the changes in our country, from ending slavery and more came from a court going against the whims of popular opinion. But, I guess this is what happens when President Barack Obama chose someone to sit on the bench who has never once worked as a judge. For people like Obama and those who think similarly, the Constitution is an obstacle to be overcome.

Next up, we discuss the collapse of season one of the January 6 Committee reality show, ending on a complete thud. So, in typical government fashion, they have already announced season two! As Liz Cheney stated, “We have far more evidence to share with the American people, and more to gather.” One would think if you are ready to go to trial, you already had all of your ducks in a row. But, in Liz Cheney’s world and that of the J6 Committee, they go to court while still going through discovery.

Shifting to a piece in the NYTimes, Bret Stephens becomes the first corporate media figure to acknowledge the Russian collusion story was a giant hoax. It’s been 6 years since the fake Steele Dossier was manufactured and 5 years since the new media figured out it was a hoax, so let’s hand it to the Old Gray Mare for finally reaching the same conclusion. Sadly, no other legacy media outlet has seen fit to admit they, too, were duped and participated in the spread of mis, dis and mal-information.

Finally, I bring out a story where Dr. Fauci and top Biden officials have been subpoenaed in a lawsuit alleging they colluded with Social Media to suppress free speech. This goes back to my comments to start of this year’s season, where on January 7, my show dealt with the digital town square. For months it’s been obvious the government was using a backdoor to Social Media to infringe on American’s First Amendment rights. Now it looks like a lawsuit is going to hope to begin to shed light on just how bad this infringement really is.

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