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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 6, 2023

Today’s show opens with more detail into the emails Dr. Anthony Fauci had, instructing other scientists to give him a paper that would shoot down the “lab leak” theory. We already know Fraud Fauci went into crisis management mode when the virus got out of the Wuhan Lab and it may have taken three years to get to the truth, but we are getting there. The same scientist who informed Fauci of the genetic manipulation was asked by Fauci to write a paper saying that was not the case.

It should infuriate everyone to know how much you were lied to, all so Fauci could not only hide his involvement in the development of the virus, but also to profit from the new mRNA technology he was going to mandate to the world. It was always about fear, lies and manipulation.

Speaking of manipulation, Dr. Henry Ealy discussed how hospital administrators were essentially bribed the CDC and the White House to change how death certificates are encoded. Rather than list the oldest or longest lasting co-morbidity as the primary cause, they were encourage to remove them from part 1 and stick them in part 2 as incidental additional symptoms. The hospitals were encouraged to report as many deaths as possible as being from Covid.

Similarly, recently leaked WhatsApp messages between the UK’s former Health Secretary and his media adviser prove they wanted to stoke as much fear as possible to enforce behavioral conformity. They even strategize how best to deploy news of the latest variant for maximum fear to get “proper behavior change.” Once again, the manipulation, lies and deceit are beyond the pale.

My final topic has to do with this White House putting DEI over anything else. They only care about touting how diverse, equitable and inclusive they are. They do not care about qualifications, which is astounding. The latest example the Joe Biden’s nominee to head the FAA, a man by the name of Phil Washington. After embarrassing himself being unable to answer even the most rudimentary questions about the aviation industry, Biden is still pushing his nominee. Why? Because he thinks him qualified? No, because he is a black male and that’s all that matters. People are going to die because incompetent people are going to be in positions of authority where they have business being.

To close, let’s visit with Karine Jean-Pierre who, once again, is incapable of understanding or answering even the most basic of questions. When asked, “What are the factor that will be required for the President to go to East Palestine, Ohio?” her response is, “He’s been to Ohio many times before.” What more example do you need of what happens when you put demographic labels ahead of qualifications?

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