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The Alan Sanders Show

Sep 8, 2022

Today I wanted to talk about the 4th Estate and how they have abdicated their responsibility to tell the truth. Our Founding Fathers were so concerned about keeping the government honest, they literally carved out a protection for the press to be able to report on government without fear of reprisal. But, when the Legacy/mainstream media decides to become the propaganda wing of the Democrat party, then we have found the root to so much vitriol and division in our country.

To provide an example, we look to Hillary Clinton over just the past few weeks. Clinton, who had been found in possession of classified material, running her own private email server and destroying evidence has been been saying she never had any classified material. That’s a lie. It’s patently absurd. Yet, she continues to rewrite history with a straight face. She’s even profiting by selling $30 hats that say, “But her emails…” on them.

Today, though, is not about the concept of ‘whataboutism’ where we try to deflect on something happening to someone we like by pointing at someone we don’t, yelling, “What about…?” That’s not my point today. Rather, my point is calling out a media who refuses to challenge Hillary Clinton when they know she is lying. By not challenging or correcting her narrative, they are, by way of their silence, giving tacit approval for her to continue. This has the effect of convincing those who don’t know better that she’s the one telling the truth, which then further divides our nation between those who know recent history and those who choose not to.

The same can be said of Joe Biden and his constant storytelling about how he got involved with the Civil Rights movement. Know this, each time he starts telling you that story, it’s a lie. Even Jake Tapper of CNN had to call him out on it, referencing a piece in the NYTimes. The piece said many staffers have had to remind the President to stop telling the false tales, but he goes on telling them anyway? Why? Well, first to pander to the Left. But, secondly, he knows the Legacy/mainstream media, for the vast majority, will not challenge him. They will not print the truth. They will just ignore it and pretend like they never heard it.

The divide in our nation is being fueled more and more because we have a 4th Estate unwilling to do the job they were always intended to do. They are now invested in bolstering and protecting the Left, while hurting and attacking the right. When the truth is so hard to find, there is little to help unify us as one nation.

It’s a strange and dangerous time in our history. Hopefully, it will correct itself with the help of the new media and digital content creators who are trying to do the job journalists once did. Until then, it’s up to all of us to better educate ourselves, find better sources of information and be the light for those around us.

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