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The Alan Sanders Show

Oct 20, 2022

Today's show opens with an unconscionable move by the CDC to add the Covid-19 vaccine to the childhood and adolescent immunization schedule. There is no medical reason to do this and it defies the data we have collected over the past two years. But, what it does do is provide financial protections for both Pfizer and Moderna. The side-effects will be more children diagnosed with myocarditis and other related injuries at the expense of putting those two Big Pharma companies first.

A new Pew Research poll of black Americans finds violence/crime, economic issues and housing as the top issues in their communities. As hard as we tried to find it, there is no mention of the abortion issue or getting to the bottom of the January 6 riots. It seems the media continues to be on a completely different planet from the rest of us living under the policies of the Biden regime.

Remember a few weeks ago when I said I felt like their is something more sinister afoot with so many of these individual social and cultural issues hitting us on all side at the same time? Thanks to Matt Walsh, we may have a better understanding of what it happening in our modern society. Going back to 1969, Planned Parenthood produced a guide of recommended strategies for population control. See if these goals sound eerily familiar? The want to restructure the family, which includes and encouragement of increased homosexuality, tax payer funded abortions and tax payer funded sterilization.

President Joe Biden spent time this morning lying to the American people. First he wants us to believe that none of his policies are meant to hurt or go after the oil companies. Unfortunately for Joe, the internet has a long memory, not that we need to go back very far to prove the point. He ran on the very idea of stopping all drilling. To say he isn't out to harm oil companies is simply another attempt to gaslight you. But, in case you need convincing, I remind you of some key production and drilling cancelations enacted under President Biden.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is asked yesterday, "How seriously is the Administration considering a ban on U.S. petroleum products?" Her response, "Everything is on the table." Does that sound like a regime playing nice with the oil industry?

Finally, we get to have some fun at the expense of some Eco-terrorists who wanted to go after Volkswagon. After gluing their hands to the floor in protest, VW decided to leave them alone. Unfortunately for these short-sighted idiots, they have no means to use the bathroom, order food or get additional help. It's a microcsm of the entire climate change movement for all of us to mock and enjoy.

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