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The Alan Sanders Show

May 31, 2022

In today’s episode, I open with a good shooter story. I don’t mean someone with accurate aim, though we should be thankful for the woman who did hit her target. I mean a good story about someone who stopped a mass-shooting at a graduation party. Thanks to a law-abiding gun owner, a man was taken out before he could kill or even hit another person. I bet that’s a story you won’t hear much about on your nightly news.

Next, the Sussman trial is still taking place. For those who may have missed what has been happening in court around the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign, this case is how they lied and fabricated the whole Russia collusion story from the beginning. What’s saddest is the FBI has the black eye. Based on testimony, agents had to admit they knew the data and claims were suspect and did not believe them to be real. But, that didn’t stop the upper echelon from pretending they were real to get FISA warrants to keep spying on Americans in the Trump Administration. The Clinton's, as former Deputy National Security Advisor KT McFarland said, were able to fool Americans thanks to the combined efforts of the holy trinity of Democrats, media and the intelligence community.

Moving on, it seems a case can be made for the Biden Administration purposely trying to crush the middle class. Between taxes and inflation, this administration is making it harder and harder to get by for most average Americans. And, if it is not on purpose, the only other conclusion is they are too stupid to foresee the obvious consequences of its own actions. From inflation to gas prices to supply issues, it’s one disaster after another. Combined with the war in Ukraine, an open border and more 18-45 year olds dying of fentanyl overdoses, Americans are suffering and it worsens each day.

Finally, Education Week produced a report claiming there has already been 27+ school shootings in 2022. That seems outrageous, but they provided a great chart online of each incident. However, when you take a second to look at the data, it’s obvious they are really stretching to make the number fit the fear porn narrative they are selling. The Uvalde shooting accounts for all but one of the reported deaths in their report. Most of the others happen “around” a school or “outsde” a school or even on a bus after hours. When the media intentional over-hypes the narrative of school shootings, it only serves to exacerbate the topic, rather than offer ways to resolve it.

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