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The Alan Sanders Show

May 25, 2022

In today’s episode, I am going to attempt to discuss why these mass-shootings keep happening. It’s not what I had planned. But, it is something capturing the attention of much of the country, if not the world. It always does when we have a senseless act like what just happened at an elementary school in Texas.

Note, you will rarely see me use the name of the killer. I have no desire to be a part of their sick and narcissistic desire to become famous for their acts of evil. Plus, I usually refrain from discussing the particulars until enough information has been gathered ad vetted. Unfortunately, the legacy media and the Left cannot wait to leverage the event for political gain.

Joe Biden didn’t even wait six hours to run to the cameras and stammer through the same tired and worn gun-grabbing talking points you always hear from the Left. His social media team has been politicizing the shooting as much as possible. It belittles the families directly affected by putting the spotlight on him and his desires to eradicated the 2nd Amendment.

I know very little about the now deceased gunman. I will keep reading and watching to learn more over the coming days and weeks. But, what I can do is try to help answer the question being asked by so many; the question I used to title today’s show – why do these mass-shootings keep happening. To gain more insight, it’s important to understand mob mentality and how the mob is moved to violence. I spend some time discussing the makeup of the mob and then create the analogy to these mass-shootings.

There is no doubt mental health is at the root. But, there are other factors, which are very similar in the backgrounds of these shooters. Lack of mentors, role-models or two-parent households are fairly consistent. A sense of not belonging, being bullied or ostracized is a part. Wanting desperately to “matter” or to “fit in” are there as well. Understanding the psychology is a large piece of the conversation. But, even with all of the social work possible, some parents will still suck at their jobs and some kids will fall through the cracks. It’s impossible to stop a criminal from committing a crime by passing a law. By the very definition of being a criminal, laws have no effect.

School systems are going to have to take safety and security into account. They should have been for decades, now. Having armed security, trained teachers, restricted access and fenced perimeters is a must. Posting signage alerting a would-be killer that they will meet armed resistance is huge. Stop advertising where the madmen can shoot fish in a barrel. We either want a solution to protect children or we want talking point for playing politics. It’s time to choose whether we really want answers or if we just like playing the game?

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