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The Alan Sanders Show

Sep 16, 2022

Who knew Martha's Vineyard was such a deplorable wasteland of cruelty? Listening to Leftists and elitists over the last 48 hours has me so confused. I thought it was funny to see them lighting their own heads on fire yesterday, but it’s gone to ULTRA levels, now.

We start off with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, calling the move of 50 migrants from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard, “...a cruel, inhumane way of treating people...who were promised a home, promised a job...put on a bus and, you know, driven to a place they do not know.” Ladies and gentlemen, I had no idea how terrible it must be to be dropped in the middle of an island resort community filled with wealthy and influential guardians of Leftist ideology. It seems Karine is throwing way too many of her fellow Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, under the bus. Is it really so terrible in Martha’s Vineyard?

Or were her descriptions meant for the people of Martha’s Vineyard and not the illegal immigrants? Was she, in her special way of trying to create a cogent thought, actually saying how cruel and inhumane it was for the residents of Martha’s Vineyard to have to deal with illegal border jumpers? I feel a little confused. But, upon hearing a resident talk about the 50 migrants, it does seem like Karine was talking about the residents of Martha’s Vineyard. For a self-declared sanctuary city, it seems hard to believe they have no resources or housing for the very people for which they declared to be a safe haven. According to one resident, there is a housing crisis already on the island and those people are eventually going to have to go somewhere else. Seems as though NIMBY is alive and well in the halls of Leftists – not in my backyard.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is suddenly realizing what border towns are dealing with after only a few hundreds migrants have been dropped off in her Sanctuary City. She had to acknowledge that the challenge has been around for years, but it’s “new” for them. She is calling for “federal support, resources, communication and collaboration, and that it has to come in short order.”

Some are calling the move to bring light to what the border towns have been enduring for years a “political stunt.” They are all over social media asking what kind of a politician would use illegal immigrants to make a political statement? I simply remind you that AOC once stood in front of a fence and acted upset with fake tears pretending she was seeing children in cages. Remember that story? Then, after a few days it was revealed the pictures were actually from the Obama administration? Good times!

Karla Hernandez took to twitter saying, “Venezuelan migrants who’re trying to escape a socialist dictator thought Maduro would be their biggest challenge, then came Ron DeSantis.” Once again I am totally confused. Why is it worse for these people to have been granted passage to Democrat Valhalla? Is she suggesting it would have been better for them to remain in Florida? A red state? I keep feeling like I’m missing something.

And while Governor Newsome (D-CA) is asking for the DOJ to bring charges of kidnapping against Governor DeSantis, and others are saying DeSantis should be brought up on charges of human trafficking, we need to remember the Biden regime has been flying migrants around the country by the tens of thousands. All DeSantis did was call their virtue-signalling bluff and they are having the equivalent of a 3-year old’s tantrum, showing the world just how shallow they really are.

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