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The Alan Sanders Show

May 10, 2023

Today provides another perfect illustration of how the MSM is nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. While a massive investigation into over $10 million dollars of Biden Crime Family payments was being laid out, nearly all of the media was focused on the arrest of Republican George Santos. What an amazing coincidence, right? After Rep. James Comer (R-KY) decided to let the Left know his presser was coming Wednesday morning, suddenly, an arrest of a Republican lawmaker is timed for the exact same slot.

One must assume the crimes committed by Santos must be monumental in order to overshadow over $10 million dollars in money funneled into the Biden Crime Family Syndicate. Turns out, Santos may have taken two unemployment checks, during COVID, worth $564 each, that he was not entitled to. A little more than $1100 taken from the state of New York is all it takes to keep Joe Biden and his family off the front pages of the vast majority of the Legacy/mainstream media.

Thankfully, I am here to break it all down. Plus, the investigation is still underway. Comer and his committee wanted to provide the press and the American people a status check on what they have found thus far. It was an upstanding thing to do, but the GOP is really bad at playing the presser/PR game. Instead of being a splash across the world, it’s hardly made a ripple. From the money, to the shell corporations to Hunter Biden’s own criminality in paying for and supporting the sex slave trafficking industry, every journalist should be clamoring for the exclusive. Instead, it’s being intentionally pushed aside to protect the party and the Biden regime.

One bright spot comes from a short video released yesterday by Tucker Carlson. Looks like he is planning to keep doing his show, just independently. He is going to keep doing the work he was doing, only know as a New Media, independent journalist. All I can say to Tucker is, welcome to the team! I’ve been doing this for many, many years and it’s nice to see just how my audience is already at the forefront of the movement away from Legacy/mainstream sources in order to get real news and analysis.

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