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The Alan Sanders Show

Jan 19, 2023

Today, I want to look a little more philosophically into what it means to take an oath of office. What does it mean in our current day for politicians who are quick to say the words, but are equally quick to forget them? This is learned behavior over years. To show this, I recount a story of how one of my daughters tried to hide a note from a teacher. This was when she was in kindergarten or first grade. Shame and guilt drove her to tears harder than any punishment I could have doled out on her. Instead, I used it as a teaching moment about reputation, honor and family name.

When we look at the words every Congressperson takes, we find a part of the oath I find even more important than swearing to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. That’s the easy part to affirm. But, the second part goes on to say that they will bear true faith and allegiance to the same! Have we reminded our elected representatives of their oath? Have we reminded them we are going to be holding them accountable to uphold that oath?

This is why Adam Schiff For-Brains and Eric Swalwell do not belong in any leadership role in the House. Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently addressed the press about this very subject and reminded them the House was briefed by the FBI on Swalwell and that Schiff knowingly lied for 4 years about Donald Trump. The House Intelligence Committee should not be entangled in politics when their role is to protect ALL Americans.

The body politic has grown accustom to ignoring the Constitution of the United State of America. We just have to look at Christopher Wray, Director of the FBI, at Davos, speaking at the World Economic Forum. Without batting an eye, he proudly admits the ongoing partnership between the FBI and the private sector. They seem comfortable trampling over the Bill of Rights.

Along this line, I have to also admit my disappointment in former Attorney General Bill Barr. It was just reported yesterday after a FOIA request, that it seems Barr did not investigate any of the allegations into 2020 election fraud. While Barr was going on one news program after another saying he saw no evidence of widespread voter fraud, he knew there were no actual investigations. In fact, the only one who asked to look into it was denied! I’m not sure why Barr lied, but maybe Trump was breaking so many things in the china shop even members of his own party decided the ends justified the means in making sure he was booted from office. A piece of me hurts just thinking that might be true.

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