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The Alan Sanders Show

Aug 11, 2023

Today’s show opens with the surprise announcement by Attorney General Merrick Garland, appointing US Attorney David Weiss with Special Counsel status. Why now? What is this all about? Does anyone really believe it has anything to do with getting to the bottom of the Biden Crime Family?

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) immediately released a statement saying this move is part of the Justice Department’s efforts to attempt a Biden family coverup in light of the House Oversight Committee’s mounting evidence of President Joe Biden’s role in his family’s schemes selling “the brand” for millions of dollars to foreign nationals. It’s also ironic that just a day before, Comer was stating their plans to call Eric Schwerin in to testify. If Hunter is considered the “Bag Man” for the Biden Crime Family and Devon Archer was the “Brains,” then Eric Schwerin is the “Money Guy.”

Margo Cleveland recently wrote a piece suggesting that all of the individual investigations are showing the need of a single impeachment inquiry, and just just of Joe Biden. Much like I suggested, she stated it needs to include FBI Director Christopher Wray, AG Merrick Garland and US Attorney David Weiss. I think she may have a point when it comes to finding out what the FBI and the DOJ were doing to hide evidence, stall investigations and run cover for the Biden’s.

In a separate story taking place in a courtroom not too far away from the Garland announcement, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan provided a somewhat mixed ruling regarding the gagging of Donald Trump regarding the J6 indictments. While is sounds like she’s okay with Trump having some freedom to speak, she stated, “The defendant has the right to free speech, but that right is not absolute. Without a protective order, a party could release that info to the jury pool.” She added, “The fact that he’s running a political campaign has to yield to the orderly administration of justice. The defendant’s desire to respond to political opponents has to yield. There are limits. This is a criminal case. The need for this case to proceed in a normal order means there are going to be limits on the defendant’s speech.”

In yet another courtroom for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, three doctors were taking the FDA to task. During Covid-19, the FDA put out multiple posts and PSA’s denouncing the use of Ivermectin. They inferred Ivermectin was only for use on horses and cows. The FDA was forced to admit it was okay to prescribe it. But, does that absolve them of the immense harm they caused by spreading lies about the effective and inexpensive medication?

Joe Rogan weighed in on the nonsense of public health and the FDA mocking the use of Ivermectin. He ends with a question to which he got part of the answer correct. He asked for what reason would the FDA and others want to smear a drug like Ivermectin and suggested it had to do with money.

He is definitely in range of the target. Let me remind you of something I’ve been telling my audience for over two and a half years now. There is a provision in the law that an Emergency Use Authorization cannot be granted if another drug can demonstrate effectiveness against whatever virus or disease being fought. The doctors and pharmaceutical companies would not be able to earn billions of dollars (over $200 billion at least) on their mRNA vaccine if a pill that costs $.30 was found to be an effective alternative. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. just said the same thing to Megyn Kelly, and, to my shock, she said she had never heard that before. Maybe she should listen to my show!

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) recently addressed censorship in light of what we heard from the FDA case and all of the information that could be been helpful during Covid. He believes it is part of a larger plan by a handful of elites to coalesce power and deprive us of our liberties.

Yet one more court case. Let’s not forget State Attorney General Andrew Bailey from Missouri was in court fighting off the Federal Government’s Censorship Industrial Complex. It’s stunning the hear how the Biden White House justifies their actions and fully believes they have a right to censor, even information that is true.

I finally get into the White House cocaine story that dropped earlier this week. While Soldier of Fortune magazine’s editor, Susan Katz Keating says the Secret Service knows whose it was and has informed Joe Biden. The Secret Service denies this.

And, being jealous of his Vice President, today we close the show with an installment of Deep Thoughts with President Joe Biden. It’s amazing just how bad he is as our Meat Puppet-in-Chief.

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