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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 28, 2023

Today's show opens with a reminder that Janet Yellen, our Secretary of the Treasury, was sent to Ukraine to commit even more money to them for their hospitals and schools. A phone call doesn't seem to work anymore for such a simple task. We had to send her on a government jet to deliver the additional aid. Keep this fact in mind as we move to the Energy Department's story that they now believe the virus likely came from a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

We now go back nearly three years ago when President Donald Trump said, in a press conference, that he had indeed seen evidence of the lab leak from Wuhan. Rather than believe him, the mainstream/Legacy media, continued their dutiful role of carrying the water for democrats and the alphabet agencies who were already lying about Russian collusion and more. They mocked him and ran stories about how ridiculous such a theory was.

We fast-forward to yesterday and Jon Stewart, a guest on the Stephen Colbert Show, points out what has been obvious to us for the last three years – that it came from a lab in China. He says it with comedic flair, but it's no different than what I have been saying since the start of the pandemic.

Now add the thoughts from a Chinese whistleblower who believes the pandemic could not have happened accidentally. A scientist who had worked in a BSL-3 lab, the same kind as in Wuhan, said the protocols in place would not allow an accidental release. That could still be the truth, but her point is, now that we accept the origin as coming from a lab, the next step is to push to figure out how it was released.

So, why did I tell you to keep Janet Yellen's visit to Ukraine in mind. First, it seems obvious to me many of our politicians, both on the Left and the Right, are beholden to Ukraine. Whether it was laundering money or funding illegal bioweapons labs, our political class does not want to risk being exposed by President Zelensky. On top of that, they do not want China getting involved and helping President Putin of Russia.

I believe the Biden regime knows the virus came from the lab and that it was likely released intentionally. They had the Energy Department release their findings over the weekend as a shot across China's bow to get them to stay out of the Russia/Ukraine war. The lab leak story is meant to contain China, while the non-stop funding commitment is to keep Ukraine quiet. From either side of this chess game, it's not good for the United States.

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