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The Alan Sanders Show

Nov 28, 2023

Today we open with what filthy pieces of human debris many in the Leftist media truly are. The first story is from Deadspin where they manufactured a white-supremacist story around a child who wore his NFL team's colors at a game. Once again, the Left shows they have to manufacture their outrage. It's not real.

Then we shift to Disney's address to the Securities and Exchange Commission where they wonder if they might have misaligned their objectives versus what their customers might want? I don't believe they have really learned their lesson, but we will have to wait and see. Until they drop their Woke, DEI/CRT ideology, they will never win back their audience. You cannot look at the world as oppressors and the oppressed without ruining your product. No one goes to the movies to be told what terrible people they are just because of the demographics they have. No one chooses those traits. But, we can choose the content of our character and that's where we need to return.

Elon Musk recently toured a massacre site in Israel and was then shown footage by those who committed the atrocities. Elon made the same observation as many with intellect and reasoning – do be giddy with joy at committing those acts is nothing short of evil.

The remainder of the episode is spent discussing the latest round of investigations into the Censorship Industrial Complex. Last year, I had several episodes dedicated to breaking down the Twitter Files. Today, Michael Shellenberger began a new series called the CTIL files. A whistleblower has provided Shellenberger and his team of independent journalists with a trove of documents showing US and UK military contractors created a sweeping plan for global censorship in 2018. We then learn they codified and standardized their processes in 2019.

This began in 2017 at the behest of Barack Obama who wanted to make sure 2016 – the Donald Trump election – would never happen again. Remember, it was Obama who removed the restriction against the CIA and other intelligence agencies from conducting psychological operations on US citizens. Those PsyOps were part of the CTIL strategy to not only censor Americans, but to go on offense with their own propaganda and misinformation. Unless we root out all vestiges of this and fire everyone associated, we can never be a truly free nation. So long as a few tyrants want to control us, freedom will always be outside of our grasp.

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