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The Alan Sanders Show

Oct 27, 2023

Today opens with me addressing the vitriol, the hate and the threats of violence being done on our college campuses and city streets. This reckless hate is coming entirely from the Left and what’s worse, the leadership in these areas is saying nothing. Three Jewish students were trapped in a library on the campus of Cooper Union College in New York City while a violent mob banged on the doors and windows threatening their deaths. The Librarian then had the gall to suggest they could hide in the attic! This wasn’t the Middle East, this was here.

Which leads into my next point. While the college presidents have been largely silent, some of these pro-terrorist demonstrators are getting hit with some real-world consequences. And, now they are crying to those of us on the right to save them because they are just exhibiting their right to free speech. Well, thanks to my good friend Sam Janney’s post on Twitchy, and to the X account called Dr Strangetweet Or How I Learned To Love The RT, I address their hypocrisy.

Next we discuss how we finally have retaliated against the Iranian proxies in Syria who have been attacking US entities and bases. Overnight, the United States hit a few sights in Syria. But, while it’s good we are finally punching back, remember how we got here. Our weak and ineffectual President, with his horrible foreign policy is why we are on the brink of a world war.

I applaud the BBC reporter who flustered a Hamas spokesperson on live video. The propaganda being spewed was that October 7 was an attack on Israel’s military. The reporter would not accept that and the Hamas spokesperson put an end to the interview.

As much as it pains me, today I have to give props to John Kirby who addressed a sycophantic question from the media, who still seems to love to side with terrorists. Kirby gave the answer we should hear anytime Hamas claims humanitarian violations at the hands of Israel. It’s their own fault. In fact, just today, and international IDF briefing shows Hamas HQ is directly under the main hospital in Gaza. This is what they do! They are a culture of death and they love when innocent Gazans are killed so they can use them as props to get western “journalists” to scold Israel. We do not need to take in a single refugee, either.

Onto some domestic stories, after what we learned yesterday, the FBI needs to be defunded and completely dismantled. The 56% of the bureaucratic bloat can be fire and the remaining law-enforcement wing can be reassigned. This needs to happen sooner rather than later.

In our ongoing two-tier system, Democrat Rep. Jamaal Bowman says he struck a deal with fellow Democrat D.C. Attorney General Brian Schwalb, to have the fire alarm charges expunged from his record, once he pays a fine. It’s amazing how as soon as this sweetheart deal is copped, we get the full video of the incident. Bowman is a complete liar and should have been treated like the majority of the J6 protesters. But, it’s Friday and I want to have some fun, so I turn to comedian Jim Gossett who brings us a “soulman” parody song about Bowman.

Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and Oversight Republicans are calling on ranking member Jamie Raskin to correct the record and apologize for lying to the American people about the Bidens’ business schemes. This is a fantastic letter from Comer.

Then we look at a GenZ girl complaining about how hard a real 9-5 job is. This segment allows me to address the parenting of that child. The only reason that young girl is stressed is she was never pushed earlier in life to learn time management and a work ethic. That’s a parental issue.

A children’s drag event at the San Fernando Library in Los Angeles featuring Pickle the drag queen was shut down at a peaceful protest on Oct. 25. Parents surrounded the front of the library, preventing Pickle from coming inside. That’s a GREAT story.

Finally, we end with a meme released by the new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. He basically lists his 7 principles for how he intends to lead the House. None of these are controversial and, honestly, should be the bedrock of every member of Congress!

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