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The Alan Sanders Show

Nov 18, 2019

We always bring in a practicing physician for our "Physicians 3rd Saturday" show to discuss topics in healthcare. In this episode, we start off discussing the difference between the terms "healthcare" and "health costs." Too often they are used interchangeably. They are no where close to the same.

What we are seeing is the more restrictions placed on the health insurance and healthcare industry, the more expensive it gets and the less helpful it becomes. Other areas of our economy provide better goods and services for less money because of unbridled capitalism. Once the government begins to place cost controls in place, the regulations begin to create bloat and pretty soon, it cannot survive under its own weight. What's worse, we have convinced generations of Americans that it should not cost anything to go to the doctor. Yet, most pay no attention to how much they are already having removed from their paychecks every month. On top of this, our physician, Dr. Tim Ryan of The Physicians Practice, spent time navigating the exchanges. It was a real eye-opener for most who tuned in to discover what happens to cost when the government takes charge.