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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 28, 2024

Today opens with the breaking announcement that Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell is going to step down from his leadership role in November. He’s not leaving the Senate. He just doesn’t want the title of “leader” any longer.

Next we have another installment of The Big Fani Willis Reality TV Show. This episode can be called, “Terrance Bradley – Traumatic Brain Injury.” Yesterday on the stand, after being told he can no longer claim privilege, Bradley developed the strangest memory and recall problems, even when confronted with texts and messages. While frustrating, it does seem like he was forced to admit that the relationship between Fani Willis and Nathan Wade happened BEFORE she won the election for District Attorney of Fulton County. That is a huge piece of testimony becomes it directly contradicts what Willis and Wade have testified to under oath. We will have to wait and see how the judge rules on this.

Mayor Kelly Girtz (D) Athens, Georgia, after days of heat related to the horrifying bludgeoning death of Laken Riley at the hands of a repeat criminal illegal immigrant, decided he needed to blame Donald Trump. It frustrates me to no end that Leftists never accept responsibility for their failures and failed policies. If anything, the entirety of the Left, from the Biden regime down, is responsible for the invasion of our country by some of the worst dregs from those south-of-the-border countries.

I then turn to the latest report from Steve Baker that dropped a little over a week ago regarding the DNC HQ pipe bomb and the then VP-elect Kamala Harris. The reason I wanted to bring that to you is the revelation Steve said that the FBI have finally told him to turn himself into the Dallas, TX FBI field office. It’s a chilling message being given to anyone in the New Media that if they step out of line and choose to go against the state narrative, they will be punished.

In some closing news items, it appears Macy’s is going to close 150 stores, H&M has filed for bankruptcy, Outback Steakhouse is closing 41 locations and Rite Aid is closing 200 pharmacies. Bidenomics is NOT working.

Finally, I bring a sound bite from Sophia Lorey with California Family about a proposed bill for women’s prisons. Apparently, while erasing the term “woman” and using “persons” instead. The bill provides birth control and feminine hygiene products for all persons in prison. Lorey asks, why would you need birth control in an all female prison. She then goes on to note the delusion of letting men call themselves women is getting women raped in prison by these males, where nearly 34% of them are sex offenders. She closes with, if men can have menstrual cycles, where do they insert the tampon?

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