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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 29, 2024

Today’s show opens with a peek behind the curtains of all the conversations that took place between Ashleigh Merchant, attorney for the defense, and Terrence Bradley the friend and former law partner with and divorce lawyer for Nathan Wade. After dealing with his traumatic brain injury act on the stand yesterday, it is quite revealing to go though over three months of back-and-forth text messages discusses so many facets and facts about the case.

I think it shows that Terrence Bradley was cooperating with Merchant and was even offering help, suggestions and support. Something happened behind the scenes to make him act like he did when initially brought to the stand a few weeks ago and then his complete onset of amnesia two days ago. It’s clear, Willis and Wade have perjured themselves and broken the law. They should not only be removed from the case, but also be disbarred from ever practicing law again and then indicted for their criminal malfeasance.

The other huge news item that broke yesterday was the Supreme Court of the United States of America’s decision to take up the presidential immunity argument. The Left had a complete lunatic meltdown yesterday after hearing that. But, as always, they truly revealed who they are and what they desire by their unhinged actions. They hate the Constitution with every fiber of their being. They hate individual liberty and freedom. They want a two-tiered system where the elites get to have dominion over the rest.

As we close, knowing President Biden finally decided to visit the border in an effort to boost his polling, I wanted to remind you of something DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said. After three years of saying there is nothing wrong at the border, now they say they have no power to fix it without Congress passing a bill. We all know that’s a lie, but if you need a reminder, we have the walking male member with eyebrows stating they (the Biden regime) had rescinded so many Trump-era policies and orders, that to list them all would take more time than they had for the interview.

If they always had the ability to fix it, but chose not to, what does that tell you? It’s not a problem for them. If it isn’t a problem, it must be a solution to something they want – a permanent underclass beholden to them.

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