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The Alan Sanders Show

Apr 15, 2024

It’s tax day here in the United States. So, I take a moment to rant about our current income tax structure, the IRS and how lawmakers use the tax code to control people. On that note, Rep. Harriet Hageman (R-WY) reveals the IRS is already using AI to scan bank accounts of US citizens. They are already ignoring the 4th Amendment.

Speaking of the right we are supposed to have against illegal searches and seizures and that any legal search must require a specific warrant, FISA reauthorization was being voted on this past Friday. Apparently, half of the House of Representatives didn’t want to include an amendment reminding users of FISA of the rights Americans are supposed to have per our Constitution. Isn’t it mind-boggling that half the House is opposed to making sure the provisions of the 4th Amendment are followed as it relates to US citizens?

Iran attacked Israel over the weekend with over 300 elements including drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missile. According to a story from the Jerusalem Post, according to Reuters, it looks like Turkish diplomats were told by Iranian officials of the attack. The anonymous source said that Turkish diplomats told the White House about the attack and they said the policy of the US was to keep the attack “within certain limits.” If true, is there anything else you would need to hear to know Joe Biden has no business being our Commander-in-Chief? They were okay with an enemy attacking an ally!

Now the talking points from our country and the West is for Israel to “take the win”, “take a breath” and to think of it as Iran already being dealt a “double defeat.” They literally want Israel to sit back and just take it.

If they really wanted to do something, they would be putting a bigger spotlight on Jordan and Saudi Arabia for their help in shooting down missiles and drones. It seems there are some Arab nations who don’t think the Middle East is best served by letting the theocracy of Iran having any power there.

By the way, the son of a former Hamas Leader is once again trying to educate the West that all the money we send to them is not going to the people. For every child killed in Gaza is more money in their pockets. In short, the leaders do not care about their own people. It’s how they have become billionaires themselves.

As time winds down I am aware of Donald Trump being in yet another New York City courtroom at the hands DA Alvin Bragg. The whole notion Bragg has discovered some area of law to go after Trump is preposterous.

In closing, I bring you a headline from over the weekend in the New York Times. According to the Old Gray Mare, they admit that voters are looking back more positively on Trump’s presidency as Biden fails at everything.

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