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The Alan Sanders Show

Nov 30, 2023

Today we focus almost entirely on the House Subcommittee Hearing on Government Weaponization, specifically looking at the Censorship Industrial Complex. Earlier this week, I broke down the first drop from Michael Shellenberger called The CTIL File #1. Today's hearing dove into the new findings of government imposed censorship and just how far-reaching and dangerous it has become.

We open with the Chair of the Committee, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) reminding us that the White House and the Executive Branch have not cooperated at all with their requests for information and depositions. They have subpoenaed two key members of the White House and hope to get them in front of them soon. We then turn to the opening statement by Michael Shellenberger who closed with a list of recommendations for Congress. They all revolve around the complete defunding and removal of any of the censorship apparatus that exists today and to pass stringent guardrails to prevent this from ever being allowed to happen again.

Next we turn to the trust fund baby himself, Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) who, once again, proves he is a valuable member of the GOP without even knowing it. In Goldman's mind, if the government only censored 35% of people, that means 65% were not censored. It may be the most laughable argument I have heard yet regarding the defense of this regime's trampling of the First Amendment.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) then tried to get to the bottom of why accounts were selected for censorship and who is funding the Cyber Treat Intelligence League. While there is some narrative that has been spun about how they are some rogue vigilantes volunteering their time, the documents behind the scenes say otherwise. They were highly organized and they had a mission, to censor speech that ran contrary to the approved state narratives and to create their own narratives to manipulate the public.

Two of the people mentioned in the CTIL Files #1 were Pablo Bruer and Sara-Jayne ("SJ") Terp. We have a sound bite from a 2019 zoom/cast where they explained what they do. They don't craft a full lie. No one would believe it. So they make sure 95% is true so they can use that last bit to hide their lie. As Terp adds, they are not necessarily into lying to people, but getting people to "change their belief sets." They truly want to cognitively manipulate people so they can control us and get us to behave as they want. It's a full PsyOp on the Western world.

I end with a shift to Elon Musk. He is asked if he will have to change some of his procedures or make some amends to gain back advertisers. His response to people trying to blackmail him through advertising, "Go F yourself." This is the perfect response. As more and more of us stop caving to their emotional blackmail, they will lose control over us and we can regain our true freedoms and liberties.

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