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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 30, 2022

In today’s episode, I find myself shaking my head at how few people seem to understand the Constitution of the United States of a America and why we have three co-equal branches of government with specific checks and balances in place. Today, in another win for the Constitution, the SCOTUS said the EPA, an agency under the Executive Branch, cannot make up it’s own laws or legislative policies. The majority ruling clearly states this is the role of the Legislative branch of government.

What shocks me is Elena Kagan appears to not know this. In her minority response, she said, “The Court appoints itself – instead of Congress or the expert agency – the decision-maker on climate policy. I cannot think of many things more frightening.” Well, I can. It’s more frightening to me to realize we have a Justice on the Supreme Court who doesn’t understand how our government is supposed to operate under the Constitution. The ruling recognizes the power has to come from Congress. It cannot come from the Judicial branch nor can it come from the Executive branch. The 6-3 ruling doesn’t take a stance on the climate, because it is irrelevant to the case. All they have to decide is if the issue before them is Constitutional or not.

To add more insult to this, we have law-makers who seem as ignorant over our founding documents as some of our liberal Justices. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was so mad about the ruling, she thinks the only solution is to reform (the SCOTUS) or do away with the whole thing! She wants to redefine or eliminate one of our branches of government! Talk about insurrection.

AOC constantly beclowns herself, revealing both her ignorance and her own personal stupidity. After the overturning of Roe v Wade, she told Stephen Colbert and his audience that the SCOTUS needed to be kept in check by the President and the Congress. Again, she fails to understand the most basic concept of the separation of powers of our government and the checks and balances that exist to keep them equal. One is not subservient to the other.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell not only believes the economy is strong, but also American households are in very strong financial shape. He said we all still have a lot of excess savings lying around to help us through this little rough patch of inflation. Can this Administration be any more out-of-touch with the people of America?

Speaking of out-of-touch, an unhinged Kathy Hochul, governor of New York, when asked to provide numbers showing it’s concealed carry permit holder committing crimes, lost her mind. She literally said she didn’t need numbers or need to have a data point to reference. She was going to do what she wants based on her own beliefs.

The J6 Committee continues to look foolish in putting Cassidy Hutchinson on the docket. Seems another lie comes from her recalling a conversation with White House legal counsel Pat Cipollone. Multiple sources incluidng one who was at the White House the morning of January 6 say Cipollone was not there. What’s amazing is the J6 Committee is aware of the discrepancy and they do not seem to care to address or explain it. On top of that, the Secret Service is now saying the J6 Committee never even approached them to confirm the Hutchinson tales or to come it to address them. They are planning to release their response on the record.

Congressman Jim Jordan points out how many lies the J6 Committee have already been caught perpetrating. And this is what we are seeing in the public. Imagine what more we could discover if the transcripts of all the prior witness testimony were shared.

Finally, Liz Cheney continues to reveal what an angry, bitter politician she has become. In fact, that’s exactly how Governor Kristi Noem described her when appearing on WMAL morning radio in Washington, D.C.

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