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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 26, 2024

Today’s show opens with me sharing my weekend trip to Providence Canyon State Park in SW Georgia. This also leads to me telling newer members of the listening audience about why I call myself a Constitutionalist and why I do what I do each and every day behind the microphone.

My opening topic deals with the death of a UGA college student who was bludgeoned to death at the hands of a known, repeat criminal illegal immigrant. ICE was aware of him. New York was aware of him. And the state of Georgia was aware. Yet, he was repeatedly released back into society to commit more crime and this time it lead to the murder of a 22 year old nursing student. Suddenly, the border crisis has a face, a name and a story. It should not have taken that, but here we are. Now, after more than three years of ignoring the crisis he created, Joe Biden plans to do a campaign speech at the border on Thursday.

It appears the Penn Biden Center decided to destroy all the visitors logs. Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation revealed that while over 600 classified documents were illegally kept in the office on campus in unlocked cabinets, whatever logs that had been in place to know who may have access to those documents, no longer exists. Who ordered the logs to be destroyed?

The NYTimes committed a random act of journalism by reporting on how the CIA has been working deeply with Ukraine since 2014. The report details what can only be thought of as a shadow war on Russia, carried out by the CIA through our Ukraine proxy. Imagine how Americans would react if we found out Iran’s IRCG had worked with Mexico to put up spy bases all along our southern border? I’m not trying to excuse Putin, but I am trying to keep the reality of the big picture firmly in focus. Everything this woke, Marxist, Leftist regime believes they are doing to ease tensions, only ends up making them much worse.

A hot mic on an open tarmac caught an exchange with President Biden, VP Harris and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. In professional wrestling like terms, they were caught scripting the White House’s language around whether or not they play to actually implement and reforms at the border. It’s a game they are playing. But, unlike wrestling where it’s all for fun, their games cause nothing but pain and misery.

Because Biden handles himself so poorly, former Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill went on MSNBC’s The Morning Joe and said all newspapers in America need to stop fact-checking Joe Biden and go after Donald Trump. In similar fashion, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison told MSNBC that Joe Biden has done more in three years than most presidents have done in 8. If he means in terms of damage and destruction, I am in total agreement.

In a bit of a news round-up, my buddy Steve Baker got word from the FBI that he would have to turn himself in this week. He still does not know the charges, but would let us know when it happens. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel says she is officially stepping down after Super Tuesday. Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, stated UNRWA is a functioning arm of Hamas, thereby making it a terrorist organization. And, Prime Minister Netanyahu is not stopping the operation of crushing the entirety of Hamas. 

Finally, I have heard some say I use the expression “ladies and gentlemen” a lot throughout the course of the show. I have tried to pull back a little, but I explain why I started doing it in the first place. While I respect everyone’s right to live how they choose, so long as they are not trampling on the rights of others, I will not be forced to accept someone else’s delusions as my reality. You are free to live in a make-believe world and I am free to reject it.

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