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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 27, 2024

The first half of today’s show dives into yet another crazy episode of The Big Fani Willis Reality TV Show. Late yesterday, we found out the judge who spent the last week and a half mulling over attorney-client privilege options available to Terrance Bradley, has decided it does not exist in this case. There is too much evidence to show the knowledge Bradley would have gained did not come while he was acting as Nathan Wade’s attorney.

We do not yet know if the cell phone affidavit is going to be allowed. We do know that the Fani Willis team of lawyers issued a response, calling for every technicality to be issued to prevent the judge from even considering any of that evidence. It’s a sad result for Fani Willis and her team, but the only option they really have to play.

In the meantime, whistleblowers inside the Fulton County DA’s office have revealed that the White House had a plant in the office who was calling all the shot and helping to drive the Trump RICO case. If that is the case, then the White House would be guilty of election interference in the 2024 race. It’s almost like Fani Willis has been setup to lead the charge against Trump, but take the fall if it were to fail. Those same anonymous insiders have also discussed how rabid Fani Willis was about implementing radical DEI policies in the office.

We then move onto an odd kerfuffle that took place inside the Virginia State Senate. Apparently, a man who thinks he is a woman stomped out of session in a huff because the Lt. Governor, Winsome Sears said “sir” to him instead of his preferred, “ma’am.” So, I take a moment to discuss the issue of mental illness and where do we draw the line in allowing those with problems drive the narrative? Just because someone wants to pretend they are something they are not, does not mean I should be forced to indulge in that unhealthy fantasy.

Onto the topic of the border and the President’s policies of encouraged invasion. Rachel Campos-Duffy exposed a taxpayer funded NGO, Casa Alitas, harboring an entire hotel building full of illegals in Tucson, AZ. These non-government organizations survive on our tax dollars, yet they are knowing breaking our laws and ignoring our sovereignty. For Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) is upset that while Joe Biden eats an ice cream cone and acts cavalier about the open border, we are still mourning the bludgeoning death of Laken Riley. It’s infuriating. Even Axios just ran a story entitled, “How Biden Botched the Border.”

In another topic, Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) thinks it’s is wrong to use words like “groomer’ and “pedophile” because those words come across as sounding criminal. In her mind, pedophilia is not a crime, but just someone’s personal identity. We should not criminalize the act of sexual interaction with children, because who are we to judge who a person loves? It’s literal lunacy to believe that way.

My closing comment is on some of the scuttle about who Donald Trump will name as his VP. While I understand the allure of Tulsi Gabbard, I do not think she is the best person for the long-term. Short-term, it would be a massive win for pulling over moderates and even left-of-center Democrats. BUT...the VP will be the presumptive nominee for president in 2028. I think a much better pick would be Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD). She has a track record, experience, has been a leader and has shown how she would govern. Dr. Ben Carson and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) are also good options, but I think Noem is the best possible fit for both 2024 and to run for the Oval Office in 2028.

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