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The Alan Sanders Show

Aug 29, 2022

On today’s show I open with letting you know I intentionally said nothing Thursday or Friday regarding the anniversary of the 13 military personnel who died a year ago in Afghanistan during the worst retreat in our nation’s history. I wanted to see if President Joe Biden would acknowledge the day or their sacrifice for his disastrous plan. I wanted to see if the Legacy/mainstream media would honor the fallen. I was hoping to be surprised, but, sad to say, I was not. Not one word.

Next I dive into the ongoing investigation by Miranda Devine of the NY Post on Mark Zuckerberg’s staggering admission of Facebook cooperating with the FBI’s request to censor the news and free speech. Her piece follows the chain of events from when the Hunter Biden laptop was first dropped off at a repair shop to the confiscation of Rudy Giuliani’s electronics from a dubious warrant that led to no charges at all. What we do wonder is how the FBI was able to find out the NY Post was about to drop the laptop story a good 2-3 weeks ahead of time?

Were they spying on Giuliani? Did they get copies of all his emails including one from Bob Costello from August 27, 2020 telling Rudy about the “amazing discovery” which was all about the laptop? We know from previous stories on the FBI whistleblowers, agents were told to stand-down on the laptop, to not investigate it and to downplay it as Russian disinformation. We know the name of the FBI supervisory intelligence analyst who called it disinformation was Brian Auten. Yes, the same Brian Auten who was called out by IG Michael Horowitz for the 17+ serious and egregious errors committed by the FBI during Operation: Crossfire Hurricane. And, the same Brian Auten who is part of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

There is too much circumstance to ignore the existence of an unholy cabal within the Beltway of Washington, D.C., made up on un-elected bureaucrats, who have decided they are the power to pick winners and losers based on their own political ideology.

It cannot be argued against, now that we have seen the lengths to which the DOJ and the FBI have gone with the raid on Mar-a-Lago. With the heavily redacted affidavit, it’s telling how much they want to hide and it has nothing to do with the names of investigators or those on whatever grand jury. We can easily see how this was, in fact, a generalized fishing expedition with the hopes of finding something, ANYTHING, even if they have to manipulate the criminal code, to bring to bear on a political enemy. We see they are willing to do ‘whatever it takes’ (a la Liz Cheney) to make sure Trump is indicted on something, even if they have to make it up to ensure it happens.

And while the President, his Press Secretary and others spent the weekend calling half of American voters, semi-fascists, it’s easy to see who is embracing fascism and who isn’t. As is often the case with guilty people, they are the first to accuse others of the actions and behaviors they, themselves, are guilty of committing. The more they name-call and try to rewrite definitions to suit their purposes, the more the average American is seeing them for how they really are – Marxist/socialist wannabes.

Finally, we end with a campaign ad that every Republican should be adding to their rotation. The spot is a satirical look at Biden’s decision to wipe out college debt and putting the financial burden of that program onto the backs of hard-working Americans. It captures in the space of 60 seconds, just how hurtful, immoral and elitist this President and his Administration are.

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