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The Alan Sanders Show

Mar 31, 2022

In today’s episode, I hit two subjects. The first is a reminder of how the legacy/mainstream media are the ones who interfered with the 2020 presidential election. With Hunter Biden’s laptop becoming a bigger and bigger liability for the White House, I remind you, via a montage, of how the media did all they could to convince the American people the laptop was a lie. This story is not going to go away and we should not let it.

Next, I tackle a grave and difficult subject – elementary teachers are grooming your kids behind your back. Ideally, this term is supposed to be used in a positive way, suggesting proper behaviors and skills would be mentored in someone to help them become successful. That’s not what these emotionally unhinged radicals mean when they enter your child’s classroom.

Their definition of grooming is: the deliberate act of bringing a child into a sexual, political or racial ideology, practice, cult or lifestyle without the knowledge or consent of his or her parents for the aim of isolating them from their family so the external party can abuse and manipulate them. To them, teaching letters, numbers, colors, a love a reading and maybe some basis history is secondary. It’s the “busy” work they have to do. What they really find joy in doing is brainwashing the innocent minds of children, turning them against their own parents and manipulating how they view themselves.

The fact Florida had to pass a law saying any sexualized lessons plans do not belong in K-3 should be considered a waste of tax payer money. Why would legislators need to spend time on what should be a no-brainer? As I demonstrate with their own sound bites, these teachers believe they are above the state, above the law and above the parents and will not stop unless until they are rooted out of the public school system.

Today is only a sample of the information I have been researching and collecting over the past few weeks. The sheer volume is saddening and overwhelming. Parents, regardless of your party affiliation, we have to stop allowing teachers, principals and counselors in our public schools, especially in elementary school, who think it’s okay to treat a child like they are full-grown adults. There is something inherently twisted and wrong in any adult who finds joy in destroying the innocent mind of a child.

Finally, to add some much needed levity, it’s time for another edition of Deep Thoughts with Kamala Harris. In today’s episode, she details how important it is to help Jamaica with their Covid relief. Prepare to be astounded as we listen to the Vice President pad her 500 word essay before she hands it in to the teacher.

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