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The Alan Sanders Show

Nov 25, 2022

Today I open with something truly amazing. We all know the Left has been screaming for years if someone says they are X then that is what they are. We don't need science, biology, genetics or basic human physiology to know differently. All it takes is for a special person to have a special belief and they become magically untouchable. Yet, with utter incredulity, did you know the Left is now able to just look at someone and decide whether or not they really are X?

Think about this stunning revelation. While conservatives get the "phobe" label for asking basic questions or having a degree or speculation, liberals can now engage in this practice without a mote of reprisal. This stems from the revelation of the Club Q shooter identifying as nonbinary and prefers they/them pronouns. CNN has determined, the shooter isn't really nonbinary and this is all just a ploy to lessen the charges.

Errol Louis said those very words as a CNN political commentator. He could just tell the nonbinary announcement was a legal maneuver and nothing more. To add even more credence to this astounding ability, a trans woman (a biological male who know believes he is female) who now goes by the name Natalee Bingham, told us the Club Q shooter cannot be nonbinary. How does she (he) know? Because the mug shot looks like that of a man.

I'm not making this up. A man with long hair, wearing make-up and calling himself Natalee (if you see him, he is clearly male), has the empyrean power to look at the mug shot of someone and instantly knows their real gender.

Clearly, this is the typical double-standard by which the Left loves to live. Matt Walsh, who brought us the Documentary, "What is a Woman?" weighs in on both the nonsense of the Left trying to get away with questioning a person's beliefs as well as how the Legacy/mainstream media runs with their own narratives rather than the truth.

Which dovetails nicely into topic two. Elon Musk appears set to release all of the documentation behind the scenes regarding Twitter and the censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop story. Remember, CBS only just week figured out the story from October of 2020 was real.

To remind you of just a handful of stories that came from the data on that drive, I spend the closing of the show going through an article from The Daily Mail in the UK. I've said many times before, overseas press tends to be much more accurate and fact-driven when it comes to reporting on American politics. I can guarantee, you will not have heard all of the stories that have already run on both Hunter and Joe Biden in the UK. It's such a shame how the press in the states is so driven to protect the Left first, attack the Right second, and a distant third is to maybe report the news.

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