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The Alan Sanders Show

Aug 22, 2023

Today’s show hits several subjects that have all been happening at the same time. I cannot emphasize how important it is for us to understand that failures in government is what led to the tragedy in Hawaii. It cannot be stressed enough that Wokism, DEI policies, incompetence and the Green movement are at the root of the disaster, not climate change.

I am so tired of failed politicians and failed bureaucrats taking no responsibilities for their horrible decision-making and policies. We live in a time where no one ever seems to accept responsibility for their actions. They all want to blame something else to absolve them of their own stupidity.

Mayor Richard Bissen was asked, point blank, if he had any numbers for missing children? He wanted to pretend as if he didn’t know anything. When pressed by an independent citizen journalist, he got petulant and acted like a toddler who had been scolded. It’s stunning to me to see the failure of elected leadership on such prominent display.

Speaking of, Joe Biden finally touched down in Maui and literally had the gall of comparing a small kitchen fire in his high-end Delaware home to what the people of Lahaina are experiencing. What a joke and what a disaster we have for our Commander-in-Chief. He couldn’t even speak properly with a prepared speech.

Joe Biden is also being scrutinized further for his many pseudonyms. Rep. James Comer (R-KY) discussed the emails and the details and it’s amazing how hard the Legacy/mainstream media is fighting to pretend there is nothing to see. The media is more interested in covering the make-believe blame being levied on Donald Trump, rather than to do any real reporting.

Sticking to the blame game, we head to Governor Jay Inslee who likened climate change to a giant beast lumbering around the world, setting it on fire. No, governor, it’s not a beast, but your own failed policies. The recent fire just outside of Seattle was set by a man named Paris Alcantara. This prolific offender was released last Thursday with no charges filed. Their failure to book and prosecute the arsonist has him already back on the street ready to set another fire. These are eco-terrorists who are setting these fires and Democrats dutifully turn around and blame it on climate-change. The truly make sure no crisis goes to waste.

Back to Biden’s failed leadership, we have to look at Bidenomics. Over the weekend, while it slipped under a lot of people’s radar, a focus group of Democrat people of color was asked about Joe Biden’s performance on the economy. CNN’s Dana Bash was shocked to hear words like “pathetic”, “pessimistic”, “discouraged” and “the lowest it’s been” as the reaction. Terrance Woodbury, CEO and Founding Partner of HIT Strategies said that when the President’s approval rating drops by two or three points nationally, it’s because it dropped by 10 to 20 points amongst his base.

Special Counsel Jack Smith continues showing his hatred of the Bill of Rights by misquoting the 6th Amendment. He argued in a brief filed in court that to push his trial out two and a half years “would deny the public its right to a speedy trial.” That’s not how that Amendment works. The speedy trial is for the defendant, not the general public. But, if you are trying this case in the court of public appeal, then I can see how Jack Smith gets it wrong. 

The Atlantic just published a piece stating numerous Constitutional scholars believe Donald Trump cannot be allowed to run because of the 14th Amendment. That Amendment, added after the Civil War, states anyone guilty of sedition cannot be in any public office ever again. Thus far, I am unaware of anyone trying to file charges of sedition on Donald Trump.

Finally, just a reminder of another press conference given in Michigan after the 2020 election detailing how a “glitch” in the voting software miscounted 6000 Trump ballots as being for Biden. 47 counties in Michigan had machines running the same software. Did anyone check them for glitches? The answer is no.

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