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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 27, 2023

Today's show opens with the news from over the weekend that our Department of Energy has concluded that Covid-19 is most likely the result of a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Well, as John McClane says, "Welcome to the party, pal!" Most of us have known this for well over 18 months. In fact, I have been talking about this for nearly three years! It's angering to see the lengths people like Dr. Anthony Fauci, the NIH, the CDC, the WHO and others went to spread their own mis- dis- and mal-inforamtion to protect their incomes and investments from China.

The next subject demonstrates yet again why Mayor Pete is nowhere ready for prime time. Pete Buttigieg held a presser on Friday and didn't even realize how he beclowns himself time after time. Mayor Pete wants you to think the train derailment was a result of Donald Trump era policies regarding electionic controlled braking. First, I didn't know the prior president still holds control over how the current Transportation Secretary over what they can and cannot implement. Second, you would have thought Mayor Pete would have checked with the finding of the NTSB beforehand. Otherwise, he might have known it had nothing to do with brakes, but failed wheel bearings. Finally, he doesn't even realize, while trying to blame Trump, is admitting he has done nothing for the last two years.

The next subject I discuss I fully admit I do not have my arms around to a comfortable degree. This has to do with new allegations from an investigation in Arizona where false deeds are behind the laudering of money from the Sinaloa cartel (formerly run by El Chapo), to bribe dozens of people in Arizona's government. This includes judges, council members and Governor Kattie Hobbs. It seems the cartel has for years been funneling money to get these people to look the other way and to help keep them in positions of power so they will keep looking the other way.

My final topic starts with a teacher who believes she is more educated than a parent and thus parents need to shut up and not have any involvement in what is being taught in the school. This discussion spills into my background in why it's important to deliver clear, black and white lessons early in life to establish a solid foundation. When we sanitize the fairy tales and stories of youth, all we are doing is instilling confusion as those children grow older. They cannot understand nuance and shades of gray. Yet, we have these overly educated morons from the Ivory Tower of academia who think a child's brain is as developed as a adult's. It's all part of the overall problem of lying to our children, not giving solid foundations and not teaching them how to handle adversity. The more we sanitize the stories, the more confusion we are creating.

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