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The Alan Sanders Show

Jul 27, 2020

I had a chance to fill-in on the Erick Erickson Show. For those who missed all or part, I am going to release each hour of each day (with commercial breaks edited out) so you can listen at your leisure.

In hour two on Wednesday, I opened asking the question of the goal of the protests? What is the end-game? What is the expected outcome? Then I ask, how does mass chaos, violence and continued lawlessness help to achieve those ends? The mayor of Atlanta, in the wake of all the violence, decides to go after the governor for calling out the National Guard to restore order. We are still in the wake of the killing of an innocent 8 year old black girl and so many won't remember her name because it doesn't fit the narrative. It feels like democrat leaders want the chaos and disruption to continue in an effort to hurt the president. 

The conversation roles back to a huge spike in testing and how it reminded me of the movie Sneakers. The self-fulfilling prophecy is at work here in the United States, thanks to the non-stop hype and hysteria generated by click-bait headlines. 

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