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The Alan Sanders Show

Nov 3, 2019

We try to always bring in a personal trainer on the first weekend of each month. It's called a #Fitness1stSaturday! The goal is to start each month trying to inspire listeners to make health and fitness a priority in their lives. This month, we discussed the oncoming holiday season. With Halloween in the rear view mirror, we will soon be tempted with office parties, holiday gatherings, luncheons, end-of-year dinners and more. The question: how do you stop from gaining 30 pounds by the time January 1 rolls around? 

Susan provides some easy suggestions and tips to avoid packing on the pounds during the holidays. But, she acknowledges it is very hard given it has more to do with a lifestyle than "diet." This is something she has preached since she first joined our interview rotation. She reminds everyone that diet is a noun, not a verb. We don't do that "Atkins Diet" or the "South Beach Diet" because those are things that we do temporarily. Once we stop, the weight, more often than not, comes back. Diet, as she uses it, is a noun, meaning it describes what you will eat from now on for your intake of calories. You have to change your lifestyle and part of that is adjusting what you eat and how much. 

As we concluded, Susan is getting ready to pilot a new health and wellness program she has been developing for several months. In the internet age, she feels there are ways she can reach out to a wider audience than just those close enough to visit her home gym. She wants to be able to help others via weekly updates, texts, podcasts. Susan has developed a tracking sheet to go along with her weekly program and wants to try it out with a limited number of participants to see what might need to be tweaked. She is going to offer this to five people at no charge to them whatsoever. The initial pilot program is meant to last approximately 6 weeks.

To get in touch with Susan, you can visit her website, find her on Facebook and Twitter or email her at