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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 16, 2019

Our third Saturday of each month we host a segment called Physician's Third Saturday. We invite Tim Ryan, M.D. of The Physician's Practice to join in health related discussions. Today's episode begins with a discussion of "good" bacteria v. "bad" bacteria in your intestinal tract. We dive into a discussion of probiotics and pre-biotics and if there is any real benefit. We then move toward certain foods that fall into the family of nightshades. This leads to a discussion of the protein lectin. As we wrap up the episode, we then discuss vitamin supplements and are they really worth taking? Perhaps some are better and others don't stay in your body long enough to be helpful. 

Dr. Ryan is a family practitioner who currently runs The Physician’s Practice in NW Georgia and loves what he does. Growing up, he always thought being a doctor would be the most rewarding career. In 1995, after finishing his Family Practice Residency, he moved to Cartersville because the Olympics were coming to Atlanta and because he liked the community. He has been serving as a general practitioner ever since. 

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