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The Alan Sanders Show

Dec 1, 2023

On today’s show we open our Friday episode with Tara Bull’s Top 10 News stories the Legacy/mainstream media likely didn’t cover. It’s always fun to see how much we hit on this show in the past week versus what most people would know from traditional outlets.

Next, we discuss a terrible trend in this country of acting the notion of someone is guilty until they prove themselves innocent. The Republican’s just aiding in voting out Rep. George Santos (R-NY) based solely on charges, but no actual conviction. I’m not here to defend Santos. What I am defending is the premise that I thought we believed in the presumption of innocence in our country and now the Republican party has kicked that concept to the curb.

We then move onto the question, if two people are having a debate in the woods and no one is around to hear it, did it make a noise? The Red State/Blue State debate on the Hannity Show between Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) suffered from being irrelevant before it even started. There is no doubt DeSantis was the clear winner and that he is a wonderful governor. But, there is equally no doubt he will not be able to supplant Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), who is the Chair of the subcommittee looking at the work product of the prior J6 Committee, told us here on this show, a few months ago, that they were having trouble finding certain files. He just recently appeared with John Solomon and confirmed that many video files are also missing, including recorded statements and depositions.

The “fraud” case in NYC brought by AG Letitia James gets even more curious after several bank witnesses this week testified that they made money off loans to the Trump company. How can there be a case of fraud when no one lost money? It’s a curious thing, indeed. Trump attorney Alina Haba suggest that only fraud right now is what’s being perpetrated on the people of New York at the hands of James and her irrational hatred of Donald Trump.

Whomever is tweeting for Joe Biden, doesn’t understand the concept of inflation. So, I once again illustrate how it works and how stupid most of the people in the current regime are. Hamas and Israel are back to fighting, which is not surprising given that two days ago,

Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar, said that October 7 was just a rehearsal and more was to come. But, that’s okay. The Israeli Defense Minister said they were not going to stop until everyone in Hamas is dead, whether they dress in combat gear or three-piece suits, living in far off lands.

Finally, we get to Joe Biden and another verbal gaff. The name he mistakes is actually a name he’s mentioned before and that, too, has a history of showing how Biden was still comfortable making up stories that never happened. It just keeps getting worse.

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