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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 2, 2019

In this month's interview, we chat with personal trainer, Susan Delmonico of SJD Health and Fitness, about some of our favorite foods and what health benefits they possess. From apples to red wine to the Paleo diet, we cover a lot of ground related to foods we should all be adding to our diet.

Why get a trainer?

It has been more than four years since stepping away from an office job and starting my own business as a personal trainer. It’s been both exciting and terrifying to quit a good-paying job in Atlanta to follow my dream. I wanted to be closer to my home, my kids, my husband and my pets and have always wanted to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Before you commit to having a monthly withdrawal from your bank account to pay for a gym membership, let me help you or your loved one get in the habit of making health and fitness a priority. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Working out is hard and even harder to do it alone. That’s where I come into the picture. I can help you establish a consistent routine in your life. We will keep it private by working out either in the comfort of my home gym or I’ll come to you. Let’s get you stronger, more flexible and used to working out before you look for a gym to call your own. I’ll hold you accountable to yourself and to your goals. I’ll workout with you to make sure you are using the proper weights and/or techniques so you stay safe and healthy throughout.

You can find Susan online at her website, and via social media on both Facebook and Twitter