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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 22, 2024

Today's episode is from me filling in on the nationally syndicated Erick Erickson Show. Some of the material may be familiar for daily listeners, but whenever I get the chance to be on a nationwide platform, I err on the side of catching that audience up with what I've been saying on my own show.

I opened with the AT&T cell phone outage and how it reduced us back to the early 90's when most of us didn't have cell phones. Was it a reminder of how dependent we have become on their use? And what about preparedness for a bigger or longer-lasting emergency? 

From there I move into the arrest of the FBI confidential human source who reported in 2017 on the Burisma executives discussing their bribes to Joe and Hunter Biden. None of the facts line up when you go back through the history of the FD1023 and how it relates to when the Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell exposed so much of the dirt on the Biden Crime Family.

Next we bring on WSB legal analyst, Phil Holloway, to talk about the issue of attorney-client privilege and whether or not Terrence Bradley can claim that right after all he's said prior to the trial. It feels like there is a lot more going against Fani Willis and Nathan Wade than for them. It's no longer just about a conflict of interest, but whether or not they should be disbarred for lying to the court. There may even be a case for her arrest based on whether or not she broke additional laws.

We move to a discussion about Joe Biden once again ignoring the Supreme Court and the US Constitution. He willfully chose to pay off even more college debt, putting that burden on the rest of us, who are already over-burdened. This leads to a discussion about my views of what college did for me instead of what it's doing now. When I was there, it was about teaching me how to think and to broaden my views. Now they are truly institutions of higher indoctrination and grooming. 

We close with some additional news items and observations. The net of what we need to learn about the Legacy/mainstream media is they are not going to tell us the truth, not even about the smallest, most insignificant items. We need to realize they love being part of the propaganda machine.

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