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The Alan Sanders Show

Feb 27, 2021

Today's episode of Waking Up With Alan focuses a lot on the discussion of raising the minimum wage. There is also a lot of discussion around the term "living wage." Both of these ideas are nonsense. No one should think of an entry level job as one where you can make enough to live a comfortable life. Similarly, who defines the minimum standards for "living." It's a term meant to sound compassionate and caring without any regard to reality. You are only worth whatever someone is willing to pay for you. If you are not making what you believe you deserve, you can go somewhere else. If no one wants you, you have to ask, why is that? Are you lacking experience? Skills? Education? Work Ethic? Qualifications? Also, today's parents are not doing their children any favors by convincing them they deserve trophies when they lose. Adversity is part of life and must be learned early. 

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