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The Alan Sanders Show

Jun 9, 2019

We use the recent findings of the Pew Research Center to drive a discussion over the problems associated with fake news. More Americans are bothered by problems associated with fake news than terrorism, immigration, climate change or racism. This rolls into a reminder that the New York Times is barring its reporters from appearing on shows they feel are too partisan and mistake-prone. The specific shows are MSNBCs Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell shows and CNNs Don Lemmon. We discuss what it is to lie and lies of commission versus omission. We end with the idea that true journalists should not have an emotional investment to the outcome of a story. Sticking to facts and delivering all of the information is the role of the journalist. However, when emotions prevent them from reporting everything because they have a narrative already in their minds is at the root of the entire "fake news" discussion. In the final moments, the discussion of Nancy Pelosi and impeachment is brought up and an explanation of why she cannot risk it at this time.

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